Clinic Managers

Non-compliance costs clinics money

With traditional therapies, only 35% of patients attend all their insurance-authorized visits.* Depending on the size of the clinic, patient drop out can equate to anywhere from $250k to over $1 million per year in lost revenue.

*Sluijs, E.M., et al. “Correlates of exercise compliance in physical therapy.” Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal.

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Increase patient engagement and compliance

Engaged patients attend appointments and maintain compliance, and ultimately get better results. For patients, this means better health. For clinics, this means referrals and more revenue.

  • Patients who see results are more likely to keep appointments
  • Clinician hours are more productive
  • Staff morale improves when patients progress
  • Innovative care options increase referrals

Having fun doesn’t feel like therapy

And when fun is backed by rigorous science, clinic managers can feel confident about offering cutting-edge alternatives to traditional at-home exercise.

  • Proven to accelerate recovery timelines
  • A variety of games keep patients engaged
  • Verified by an industry-leading trial of the software
  • Simple setup and no special hardware required
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Create a new revenue stream with remote therapy monitoring

New CMS codes offer reimbursement for remote therapy monitoring. Let us help you set up your clinic to take advantage of this new potential revenue stream and generate $30,000 more annually per therapist. RxGames allows you to truly monitor home exercise programs and report to CMS based on real data.

  • Games track the date, time and duration of exercise, as well as specific reps, range of motion, and quality.
  • Automated, accurate data is captured and presented in actionable reports.
  • Therapists have true visibility into patient activity and can adapt treatment plans based on empirical data.
  • RxGames eliminates inaccuracies of patient self-reporting.

Hear from patients and clinicians

"The psychological benefit is that the games have given me hope. I’ve seen improvement and know I can do more. Being able to move and have function. Each day I feel like I can do it a little better. The ability to do something that I couldn’t do before."
Stroke Survivor
“Having real metrics on the frequency, duration, and quality of prescribed exercises that the patient performs at home is incredibly valuable. It enables the therapist to better adjust treatment plans based on patient challenges and will lead to better outcomes."
Physical Therapist

Learn more about gamified therapy

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Increase patient compliance and clinic revenues.

Adding remote therapy monitoring to your patient offerings expands clinic reach and builds reputation. Find out how at-home gamified therapy gives you more control over your patient outcomes and your business.

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